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Hi there!
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Good luck with your goals. You'll find some good support here.

I'd like to give you a piece of advice, which you can feel free to ignore if you want.

I think you'll have a much better time of losing weight, and you'll hate it much less (maybe even enjoy it), if you don't lose weight in order to love yourself as your post title says. Lose weight BECAUSE you love yourself, because you think you're worth the effort already, because you want to be healthy and strong to carry and care for your future baby.

If you start this with love for yourself already, it'll go a lot easier. Some people find motivation in their perceived imperfections. I do, so long as I look at them as potential strengths.

I hope that makes some sense. If not, just remember to be kind to yourself while you're losing weight. Don't punish yourself for being overweight. Whenever I do that, it just makes me lose more ground.

Good luck with everything, and congrats to you and your partner on deciding to have a baby! How exciting!
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