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chicken tacos. I make these all the time and they're soo good. the chicken is delicious by itself - could go in salad or on its own ! I don't have the exact calorie count but it's under 500.

your choice of tortilla - I use mission 96% fat free, they're huge.
1/2 small bell pepper sliced
1/4 small onion sliced
4-5 white mushrooms, quartered
7-8oz boneless skinless chicken thighs trimmed of ALL fat
1 avacado (for guacamole - you will only use 2 TBSP of it)
2 TBSP Kraft ceaser Italian dressing
PAM olive oil spray
1/2 TBSP light country crock
garlic powerder
seasoned salt
lemon pepper
1 TBSP light hidden valley ranch (optional)

Make sure to trim thighs of any and all fat.
Brush dressing onto both sides.
season liberally with all seasons there is no set amount.
spray Pam in nonstick skillet and add butter. melt.
place in chicken and leave it alone for a while. you want it to brown nicely. when you flip it, rub the chicken around to keep all the flavorings on.
spray a seperate pan with Pam and sautéed all veggies together until softened.
prepare avacado with a dash of salt and garlic powder
heat tortilla for 30 secs in microwave

spread 2 TBSP guacamole onto tortilla, add chicken and veggies, ranch if desired, and have the rest if the chicken in the side

super filling and gooooood !
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