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It is tough to try and do low carb as a vegan and I admire you for trying. I was also trying to be a vegan for the last few years and didn't succeed and gained a ton of weight (but I blame that on myself, not on the vegan diet). I've gone back to a lower carb plan and I tried to find a vegan version that would suit me but I just couldn't do it. So I'm back to eating dairy and eggs for now. My plan is to lose the weight I need (or most of it) and then move to a plan that is vegan which allows for more carbs.

Right now, my carb level is at 80-90 grams a day and my calorie level for my planned menu is about 1250. I say planned because I don't always make that level. Yesterday, for example, I was probably more around 1150 because there were some things on my planned menu that I didn't end up eating because I wasn't hungry.

It's actually quite ironic. I used to do the ultra low fat vegan diets advocated by Ornish, McDougall, Fuhrman, and Barnard. These doctors went on and on about how high fat foods equals high calories and how their plans had you naturally eating a low calorie diet even without counting calories because they didn't add any fat. And yet, my calorie intake with those plans was more around 1400. So it was much higher than what I'm doing now and I'm not sacrificing the amount of veggies that I eat and I'm not totally skimping on the fat (though I am not at an ultra high fat level either - about 30%). So much for that theory .

Holistic healthy living is not just about food and exercise - it's about the whole person, body, mind, and spirit

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