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Default Colored Peppers & Ham Saute with Coconut Cauli-Rice

Originally Posted by mompattie View Post
These look seriously YUM rainbow!!!! What else ya cookin up there? Keep the creations coming girl!! OMG....this was sooooooooooooooooo good!!
sometimes the best dishes come from "scrapping the barrel" when there's nothing left at the end of the week to cook!! haha

i know lots of IPeeps have made the cauliflower rice....however, instead of grating it...which is what i was going to do, as i was getting my box grater out of the drawer, i saw my old cheese know the they have at olive garden when they come around asking if you want cheese....with everything!! but i digress....anyway, i thought i popped in a few small pieces of cauliflower and churned away...and into the bowl dropped the most perfect tiny pieces of cauliflower...very tiny almost grits size....(hmmmm cauliflower grits....another day) was like tiny rice!!

maybe someone else already tried this...but i never knew and love how easy it was!!

so i heated the pan...and used 1/2 tsp coconut oil....and added all the cauliflower and sauteed until lightly browned in a very dry pan...didn't add any other thing except salt and pepper...and OMWORD.....IT TASTED LIKE COCONUT RICE or toasted coconut vermicelli!!!!!

i got so excited i forgot to take pics of the ham and peppers sauteing in the other pan!! hahaha but i sauteed some red and orange mini bell peppers sliced and some green onions in a pan with 4 oz. diced ham...once lightly browned i de-glazed the pan with about 1/4 cup 0/0/0 chicken broth. in the end, i plated it on each side, but ate it mixed!! i topped it with some fresh parsley and thyme from my herb garden!! whooop whoooop!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it when i make something soooo good for me that tastes sooooooo delicious!!!

so i made it again, and took some photos of the ham and peppers and green onions in the pan!! it was just as good as before!! this is a keeper recipe!!!!

ok new photos!!! this is sooooo good!!!

I LOVE that IP makes me THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX...and cook in ways i never imagined doing!!!

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