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Smile Hullo!

Arabella!!! T'is so great to see ye! Sorry ye were in a funk! I am the same in that eating lower carb levels makes me feel better. When I am in sugar/carbish mode I am much less happy and I get more tired and have a hard time with appetite control. In fact, paleo eating of a sort agrees with me but I don't practice it strictly or anything. I like dairy and processed food too much, but I do toy with the idea of going full monte on that way of eating sometime. We'll see !!

Thank you for the info on what you are doing in yoga. I need to get my yoga practice back and deepen it. Haven't taken classes in years, just do it at home, but might like to try a hot yoga class when I get time.

Also would like to add my agreement with your huzzah to Anagram.

It has been way fun for me to be back in the palace, having had computer problems off and on that precluded my often coming here and on other sites I like. These seem to have disappeared on my new computer, yay.

Longing for a Mac lol ... not in the budget, though.

Anyhow, today is Day 190 on my countdown to My Goal Day! I got up way early to exercise and work some on the stuff I actually get paid for and traveled to another town to say good-bye to some old friends. Peaceful now. All pain from that is gone.

The streakity from this morning is thusly:

SATURDAY, June 23, 2012, Day 272 of streakity streak of no day missed of daily exercise, 60 min walk, 15 min yoga, total streakity streak minutes so far 20,565 (Previous: 288 consecutive days of exercise, 18000 exercise minutes!)

Good night all!
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