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My name is Ginger.I live out in the country in North Louisiana. I've just celebrated still being in love and married to my college sweetheart for 40 years. WE are blessed with 4 kids, 2 single (darn it!)sons in thier 30's and twin 27 yr old happily married daughters each with 2 adorable children. Ahh! Lights of my life one grand daughter4, her 6 yr old brother ( 3hrs south) and then the 4mo.and 16 mo cuties 45min away. At home my DH & I pamper a rescued mixed and a mini Daschund. One son lives with us.
I'm a spiritual person, very in touch with nature. Yes, I hug trees. I have great like minded friends, Due to being bed-couch bound I mostly Read(3-5 books a week), talk on phone, watch Tv(GH fan,all music-dance compitition, NCIS fav show,I'm a no spin girl and HGTV fan) ,listen to music(country,Celtic & Classic rockFavs but really anything but Rap or hip hop), communicate with family-Pamper Penny, my constant, always comforting tiny pet. We Just recieved a computer so having fun here now.
In the past I worked in various jobs in the gardening world and dapple in the world of Feng Shui and Reiki ( Small time town just not interested).
God gifted me with a Saints Superbowl win as I lay on a couch unable to move since bad falls, followed by several debilitating illnesses. That was the beginning of regaining ,yet again, the 72 pds I'd lost in my 56-7th year. I can only walk with help of walker about 50 ft at very most, otherwise I'm in my wheelchair and HATE IT!! Pain is my constant companion. I'm here to get healthy, I cry just looking at an acre of gardens turn into a acre of weeds over the last 3 yrs. I want to be able to play with my grandbabies, I can't stand and hold anyof them-they have to come to me. There is my incentive.Hence the name "healthyginger" for once it's all about health.
I grew up believing I was fat, but I wasn't ( a mom thing)I weighed 107 pds in college and felt fat-I have never felt thin. From age 10 to 25 I yoyoed the same 20 pds, Then gained 80pds with 1st son and over the next 30 yrs or so have lost 60-80 pds 4 times and smaller amounts I bet a hundred times.I've done, OA, Weightwatchers, 30 days in clinic, private docs(many) Atkins, High Carb and Low fat, high fat low carb, sugar free, Gluten free, and a hundred others I'm 5'and half inch tall, 61 yrs old and at last count weeks ago 279 pds. I'm really scared this time, I know I can change my eating habits but at this point I can't really exercise-more than a few sitting -Tai Chi ones I learned. Before I spent many hrs gardening everday and had the money and vehicle to get out for park walks and swimming. No longer true. A esp. painful week brough me here and am looking forward to new friends and healthier Ginger.
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