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Default Remembering what works

Good morning, Queenies! Cool and here but that's OK cuz I have a cold and will be content with lounging and reading/watching movies for most of the day.

I had been in quite the funk for the last couple of weeks. My sister was visiting yesterday and said there'd been solar flares that tend to make us sensitive petals anxious and depressed. So that's a theory. Whatever, though, I thought: What can I do to make myself feel better? And I remembered how much better I feel when I eat lowish carb. One day in and I was feeling like myself again. Thing for me to remember: Easy to get off track, way harder to get back on. Screw the carbs. (Pardon my French.)

In the "big news" category, four of my sisters and I are renting a cottage for the summer, straight through until Thanksgiving. We got a fantastic deal -- works out to $489 apiece. Small and rustic but a five minute walk through the woods to a beautiful beach. This is going to be good!

Empress Am, you are inspiring as always. You've done phenomenally well keeping the weight off. So many people gain most of it back.

You'd asked about the different kinds of yoga I do. Well, it's mostly the Moksha hot yoga variation. I've done hatha for many years but hot yoga is a vigorous style that has amazing results when done regularly. When I was averaging five times a week, my body -- even my skin -- was becoming transformed as I watched. Back to that again.

They also have a yin class that I've attended a couple of times -- two different instructors and very different styles. Gentler styles, longer holds, increasing flexibility in the joints and all the other benefits that they say go with the various poses (reclining hero, pigeon, etc. opening heart, getting all the emotional "gunk" out of our hips)

Kaylets, interesting about your premonition! What always strikes me is how these feel SO disturbing but oftentimes everything works out OK. When DH lost his job in Nfld., I'd spent four or five days extremely anxious, describing how I felt as "like I'm waiting for the axe to fall." Then, the following Monday he found his program had been cut and we were going to have to move. So, it was a big deal but not really catastrophic.

WSW, I'm so glad you've found a comfortable "in-between" nest!

Re: Not sleepwalking through the journey -- I'm with you, Sistah! The "eating for comfort" phase is that, exactly, isn't it. Like a psychic sleeping pill to keep us sedated. Not taking that medication any more! It's carbs, for me. Ptttui!

Anagram, are you around? We're missing you! (We've all gone walkabout from time to time and there is no rebuke intended, of course.)

I'm off to walk before the rains start again. Have a blessed weekend, my beloved Queenlies!

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