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I understand where you're coming from. I know I'll always have to be aware of and cautious about my food intake and activity level. It's just going to be that way. But I'm thankful because it's very controllable compared to other things. I'm very healthy, considering, and I'm grateful for it. This is something I can fix.

I agree with other posters - a lot of skinny people think about weight/food/etc. a lot. I think they've just been doing it for SO LONG that it's second nature to them. They also may not have the fear of obesity that those of us who have been obese may have. The more afraid I am, the more I slip up. It helps to look toward a positive future and not a negative past.

I honestly love eating healthy. It's fun to do new recipes and find a balance between health and taste.

I also find that I think about and struggle with eating way more around TOM. The rest of the month is much easier.

You can do this. You're not alone in your struggles, trust me. I also try to think about my food issues as bad habits. Bad habits are a pain to break, but it can be done. That's what I'm working on doing right now. But dopamine down-regulation is a biyatch to adjust. I'm used to eating when bored/stressed/etc., and it's a habit from YEARS and years.
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