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so glad to hear a/c in royal vehicle is now keeping you cool as a cucumber, empress! again, you inspire me and remind me of some things which i need to do to take better care of myself regarding working on eliminating negative
self talk. well, i am a work in progress on this front, anyway. hope weekly class hours are going/will go well.

--and greetings to all our royal dwellers, both near and far.

stayed op today, food and exercise-wise. some days sure are harder than others to make myself do this, though. today was one of those harder days. also i have a wierd sense of body image. even after having lost weight now again consecutively for past 5 months, i feel bigger than when i started back on weight loss course. ah well. also, i know i need to be more consistent with listening to meditation cd's which are really helpful for me to de-stress a bit. ok, so speaking of needing to de-stress, i need to try a little of that right now. well, a good evening to one and all.

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