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To the OP...I totally understand where you are coming from. I too am addicted to food. Lets face the truth and call it what it is..Weather its because we just love the taste or the texture or the we get comfort or feel better in some way...lets face it..we are addicted to food..It rules are life..This is a hard reality to face. I personally am the same way.. i used to hide food in the cupboard when i was younger, so my parents wouldnt find it..I would secretly eat at nighttime or sneak out and grab a burger at the local mcdonalds while everyone else was asleep. I would scarf down timbits on the way home from a dog walk. I had many tactics for hiding food and being a closet eater..I love food..My whole life has revolved around makes me feel good. I even admitted to my husband that sometimes i find the only thing in life that makes me happy, is when i eat...and thats a sad sad confession..

I struggled with binge eating and closet eating and food addictions for so long...I have lived my entire life feeling depressed , unhappy and angry about the way i let myself become. I have attempted every diet out there or at least it feels that way and have failed.

So what works? Well for was going to OA meetings..I needed to start talking about how i was feeling instead of just eating. I needed to express why i was having cravings. I needed to start talking instead of eating and i needed the support. Its a dangerous cycle that will go round and round and you wont find freedom from it, until you accept that you have a problem, and you need help..

Stepping out today and posting what you did was a huge step and to that i say Good Job! You are on your its up to you to continue to seek out help..We can encourage you and support you and motivate you with words but you really need to tap into resources like OA or counselling, that can help you win this battle in the long run!!!

Good luck! and realize today...that you are not alone!
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