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I feel as though I am so feeble when it comes to being disciplined and consistent. For instance, I can eat pretty well, but then rather than saying no to a slice of cake for pudding in the evening, I'll eat it because it's there - knowing full well that the 300-400 cals it contains will just totally wipe out the calorie deficit I'd worked for that day, and any resulting weight loss. It would be fine if this happened occasionally (e.g., once a fortnight or so), but I feel so "stuck" at the moment with my weight because on one hand, I try to eat well, but I'm really not trying even a fraction hard as I know I could, and I keep wiping out any achievements I make by failing to say no to extra indulgences or bingeing on snacks because they're there - and this is happening more days than not.
I so do this too. Very frustrating. I have also find myself doing two very stupid things that I need to work on. Eating junk when no one can see me and drinking more during the week.

For some of your obsessive food thoughts try checking out Overeaters Anonymous (OA) or maybe see a counselor.

Hang in there hun. You are not alone.
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