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Hi, I am Jane. I am 61 - last month - and I am restarting the weight loss. I am an artist - and a teacher. So where do I start? I have done this weight loss so many times and I see everybody has the same story - lose, gain, lose, and gain. There is no permanent answer I am sure, or at least I would be really interested to hear of someone who kept a vast amount of weight off for a lengthy period of time without making it their career. I read an article the other day that really hit home. This is an article by Tara Parker Pope and it pretty much says what I have been hearing for a few years now - reported from scientists, etc. We are all fighting an uphill battle, that is pretty much not winnable. So why try? Good question. I guess because I don’t feel I can just give up. I want to see my granddaughter grow up and I have already done enough damage to my body with smoking for thirty years (quit 10 years ago) and eating wrong. I need to give myself a chance. What have I got to lose? Mostly the TASTE of food and the way it calms me and acts as an anti depressant.

So, my significant other is naturally strong and lean - he can eat what he wants and look great. However, he does have high blood pressure and I don’t - his sugar can run a little high, and mine is ok. He has sleep apnea and so do I. Does that make sense? I am 75 pounds overweight at least and he is perfect. Genes are pretty influential.

I have always done the best when I keep track, which I will do with Fitday. I also do better when I develop some pattern to eating. Sneaking in the fresh veggies and fruit will be the tough and important part. I tend to forget those things in my rush though the kitchen. I am not a cook and do the least I can do in the kitchen. I am a carb addict - especially sugar. Chocolate and sugar will be the difficult things to part with as they always have been.

I have no problem exercising, and have been doing that for many years, which is probably the reason I am not diabetic or have high blood pressure like my sister (who died at 63 from heart and diabetes). Exercise will be the least of my problems.

So here goes. Tomorrow I will faithfully keep my food record and get going. If I get depressed I will try to find another solution besides chocolate I look forward to supporting and being supported by other people fighting the same fight.

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