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That's awesome that youve both made a huge change!!

My man, as ive said is tall and soooo skinny, hes verging on anorexia weight wise, but he eats like a horse!! Always grazing on something. But his metabolism is stupidly fast!! You can see his ribs at the front and back, his collar bones are prominent and so are his hips. But, I've been pumping him with carbs (booooo) and proteins and I think its starting to show. Lying in bed last night I was able to pinch a bit of fat near his sholder blade. Might bung him on the scale next weekend. He's naturally skinny. Takes after his dad bless him.

Dont get me wrong, he supports the heck out of me, filling up my water bottle when he sees its low or empty, and I know I can talk to him about anything. He might not understand what I'm going thro, but at least its an ear to bend if needed lol

Starting Weight 10/04/2012: 314.15lbs
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