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It's been in the fridge for about an hour and a half, and I had to have some. The consistency is a little runny, but it may thicken up overnight. If not, it's still really awesome, it's just more like the yogurt drinks than spoonable yogurt (but I know they add gelatin and stuff or strain commercial yogurt to make it thicker).

I also put a little bit of the yogurt in a couple plastic bowls and added whey powder to one, and xanthum gum to the other, to see how they thicken in comparison.

Either way, the taste is amazing, and I can't get over how it barely needs any sweetener (I used one packet for a whole bowl of yogurt).

The various recipes online give different suggestions for thickening yogurt (using more starter - but that can make the yogurt bitter, incubating longer - but that can make the yogurt tarter, adding cream - though that adds calories and fat, and adding whey protein or powdered milk - before or after the yogurt is made).

I can't wait to experiment with future batches. I don't have any way to strain it, so I'll maybe buy some cheesecloth or muslin for my next batch.

I also definitely want to buy a better food thermometer. I had to use a meat thermometer and it didn't register the lower end, so I had to guestimate when to add the starter.

The only problem I see with this, is I'm going to have to be very careful about portion control. I had a very nice 200 calorie budgeted-for snack, and I've come in just under-budget for my daily calories, but the yogurt in the fridge is still calling my name "just a little bit more, I'm sooooo yummmmmmy, and inexpensive, and good for you too."

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