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The guidelines I have suggest aiming for 40g of protein at dinner, trying to keep veggie burgers to 10g of carbs or less, and not having a restricted if the dinner carbs hit 15g or more. You can have a veggie protein source and a packet or you can have two packets.

The easiest products for me are the Gardein ones. Not all of them meet the guidelines, but many do. My favorites are the "chicken" scallopini, the buffalo wings (without the sauce), the ultimate burger and the beefless tips. Sometimes I mix and match them. I think Quorn makes some crumbles that would work nicely, too.

I even did the two packets for a while. I liked to have a soup with a pudding or make crispy cereal pancake and put vanilla pudding on it. Kind of pricey compared to other protein sources.

My local stores seem to be changing their Gardein inventory. I had the best luck at one (not all) of the Supertargets. I've also seen them at Safeway and the Kroger chain, plus Whole Foods. I get Quorn products at those same places.

Tempeh strips on the grill are pretty good. I just haven't figured out an IP appropriate marinade. I'm not a big fan of the Walden Farms stuff, but it might be a place to use the oriental dressing.

My weight loss has been comparatively slow. I don't know if that is due to the vegetarian sources or age. There was one poster on a previous vegetarian thread who just used a protein source in a similar quantity as meat (not necessarily the 40g rule). She stated that she thought she lost more quickly because her protein sources had less calories.

I was losing about 1 lb lean mass for every 2 lbs of body fat when I didn't know to use extra protein (using only one item with 14g protein, for example). When I started to double up, it really improved to where the majority of weight lost was body fat.

Weight loss is dependent on so many factors beyond staying 100% on the protocol, it really is difficult to compare.
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