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Originally Posted by darcrista View Post
Hello fellow IPers! I was hoping to get some ideas/advice/suggestions from those of you who are vegetarians (or who eat vegetarian products) and doing the diet. Maybe start a thread? I have some products that I eat regularly and I would love to hear from you about products you like. Right now I frequently eat Quorn's Naked cutlets, Morningstar's sausage patties, Meatless meatballs. I also worry about not getting enough fat and protein (most of the veggie products are much lower in both than regular meat). Any tips, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a great OP day! Thanks!
Great thread - thanks for starting it. Doing IP vegetarian is challenging. I am not sure exactly how much protein we need for the protein meal of the day. A lot of people on the boards say that substituting a 4th packet for the protein is fine, and that would only be 15-17g of protein, right? A good option is tofu, if you like/can handle it. The entire block of extra firm tofu has 40g of protein. I use about 2/3 and make tandoori tofu with vegetables. I have had it 2x this past week. I like it.

I am going to have to buy the Boca burgers. I didn't even think about them and thought they'd be too high in carbs, but they might work. Thanks!

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