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Hi Turtles,
I am so proud. I had a challenging weekend of food, and came out of it down .4# That is huge for me!
I see we are doing this.

Cherry, I'm going to make believe I'm your mother. Get another doctor's opinion! You have worked successfully to lose soooooooooooooooooo much weight through all kinds of odds. You want to do the wise thing, but perhaps another doctor will be willing to work with you and offer another solution.

Princess, holy moly!!!!! when you , you that is fabulous and having all that fish is definitely the weigh to go!

Bandit, another great gal! this is great.

I feel we will all do it this time around.
Terri, how are you?
Life4, interested in joining the newest challenge? 12# off by Labor Day seems like a great goal!!!!

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