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Sorry I have been MIA. My weight is down to 185.6. I went to a gastrointestinal doctor on Friday. He says it sounds like i have Bialary Dyskezia (sp?) That basically means irritated Gallbladder. I had set up appointment for gallbladder removal but now i am not so sure. I have read of people that have had theres removed and now are gaining weight despite everything they do and cant stop. I have come so far and that freaks me out. I think i am going to put of the surgery. I am not sure what else to do. Right now symptoms are there but livable.
Anyway looks like everyone is doing great. I guess I want to be In the 170's by September. So that will be my goal to work towards. Everyone stay cool in this summer heat. We have been working on our little garden and thinking of expanding it next year. We will see. Hello to Judy, Princess, Bandit, lif4evr and all the other ladies i hope are out there lurking.
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