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Staying the Same
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TurboMammoth That is SCARY. Take care!!! I wonder what caused the fainting? Did you not "refeed" after long training runs? Either way it's really lucky your friends and boyfriend were there to take care of you when it happened. I hope it won't again!

Dorian5 Well done on resisting chocolate bars. They really aren't ever the answer.

crazygurl61 Hang in there! Gluten is in almost everything, it's so hard to avoid.


I feel disgusting this morning. I grossly overate junk food yesterday...started off innocently enough, had some chocolate for dessert after dinner, but then that spiraled into too much chocolate + half a pound of cherries + chips and cheetos and Doritos and cheese dip and horrid chocolate milk-wine and beer and 51% bourbon whiskey at my friend's birthday. I had such an awful stomachache all night and woke up with one, too. Scale is only up to 127.5 but still, shouldn't be putting on a pound and a half of bloat-weight overnight ever.

Now I'm sitting in my workout clothes trying to get myself together to go hit some trails with my boyfriend. He wants to run them but I will probably sh!t myself or barf if I exert myself that much. Yuck! At least I know I'm going to Cracker Barrel for dinner and will be doing my usual Sunday one-big-meal-for-the-whole-day.

Also, yesterday I weighed myself after the gym and saw 125.0 - it's in sight!
Push on some more!

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