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Bandit, glad you're getting in your yard work.
Princess, ditto! And glad to hear you are getting your great new deck where you want it to be.
Just came back from weeding about 35 minutes. I figure over the next few days I can weed for about two hours and the worst looking greenery will be taken care of. Dh and I are trying to figure out how to have a pretty backyard with minimum maintenance. I do not, emphasis on the not, want to move into a senior citizens complex/condo. I love my home so I'll have to figure out how to keep it maintained. Right now dh is suffering from allergies and lawnwork is off limits for him. We've got a great guy to mow our lawn and help out and I'd love to do more. Figure that can be my summer exercise. Oh.....and after a couple of not so perfect days I had a really good day yesterday. Looking forward to losing more weight this week.
234.6/189/184 and thinner to goal 175 is my Labor Day goal. Need to do it a day at a time.
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