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Hey! Do you guys mind if I join? I think you're the most talkative group around and I have a lot of **** to say

Dorian It's awesome that you got back on the wagon now, seriously way to go! I waited a little longer.. a few cakes longer..

Krampus LOL! Karaoke is the best, I'm sure you nailed it. Last time I did Karaoke I was in another country (can't remember which one).. somewhere in Eastern Europe anyway, didn't know the song or the language.. it was pretty amazing. I'm so glad I have no shame. I don't know what milk stout is but I know how I feel after 8% so I'm not surprised you're still drunk!

TurboMammoth Hah! I really laughed out loud.. that's quite some pooping. What's that old rhyme? Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. (ahh google, you beast) Good luck avoiding the sweet sweet salt.. I'm going try try also but I don't think I'm commited enough. Have fun!

tonimaroni I know the feeling! I seem to work my way up to doing more exercise and then work my way down again.. need to make it a proper habit. At least you did that yesterday though, who knew sweating could make you feel so good, right?

Alexistrophic Have fun! What kind of music do you play?


I had a brief stint in the 140s there and then I started taking a probiotic and I became a heavily pregnant woman over night. I kept drinking water thinking it would help but I just wasn't peeing very much.. I felt like I was going to explode - Alien style. I didn't but I'm still 150.6 today.. nooo.

It's pissing rain outside and my cat just came in, of course she wants to be affectionate when it's raining. How thoughtful of her.

Gonna be hard to not over eat this weekend. Going to be at an ethnic food place and there's Japanese, Brazilian, African (etc etc etc!) treats.. last time I had some amazing Japanese dumpling thing with vegetables inside and then some pineapple cake.. oh and some orange cake. Man I like cake a lot.
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