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Talking Day 2, o' the new~!

Yowza!!! It's me Elbertine Pep, on DAY 2, o' the new, sleek, streamlined, seven-day version o' the 21-day challenge!!!! I had to fight off Amarantha's attempts last night to get me to break my challenge by going out for junkfood, but I managed and HERE I AM!!! Yowza!!!

I, EP, don't go on and on like Amarantha, so I'll just say, "Yay! We have two new challengers in the room!!! We have "No Way But Up!" and we love that name, 'cause we're gonna go up, up, up in our own seven-day way!!! And, we have the redoubtable Zadie K, doing it her way!!! Yay!

Sis, boom, bah, mini-team, let's go out there and win just SEVEN DAYS FOR THE GIPPER! SEVEN DAYS, SEVEN DAYS, WE'RE GONNA PLAY TILL THE SEVENTH DAY!!!

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