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Default "I Can't Believe It's Not Beef" Tofu Jerky

I love this recipe! It's not very precise, but really hard to mess up. I never used to eat tofu at all, but then a friend helped me make this jerky and I have been a fan ever since. Makes a great healthy snack.... and it gives you that jerky fix!

Soy Sauce,
Minced Garlic,
Garlic Powder,
Onion Powder,
Cheyenne Pepper,
Liquid Smoke,
Dark Brown Sugar,
and a Dehydrator...

...mix ingredients to taste in a 3in. deep dish and then cut my Tofu Jerky strips. When cutting your pieces of Tofu Jerky make sure that you slice them about 1/8in. thick. Put your Tofu Jerky strips in your marinade and let it sit for a few hours to soak up the flavor.... you can also press your tofu before you get started to get rid of any excess water and to allow your jerky strips to soak up more marinade. After your Tofu Jerky is done marinating put them in your dehydrator until jerky-like and brown. I used the vegetable/fruit setting and let it sit through the night, about 8 hours, and it was almost perfect. I should also state that if you cut your Tofu Jerky too thick or do not marinate them enough you run the risk of eating Tofu Jerky that tastes like a plain rice noodle and that's not the flavor we are looking for. So get in your kitchen and start experimenting! Enjoy!

Please visit my blog at for more of the recipes I have used to help myself drop the pounds.

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