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Hi, I'm Marilyn, from s/e Texas. I posted an intro in the Introduction section of the main forum "I want a pony..."

Yesterday I told my husband I was going to lose 45 pounds and buy a saddle mule. He said, "Okay"....not really concerned at all.

In my mind, I am about 12 years old. It is only when I look in the mirror that I think....I am 65??? No. I couldn't be! But, yes I am. And I am overweight, have bad knees, no energy, and lots of work I need to do. I have got to make a change.

Up until recently, I have had a fair amount of energy. I am busy. I have a lot of animals to take care of and we are remodeling a 100 yr. old farm house, and I have a big yard and many hobbies and interests.

A year ago in February, my husband was hurt on the job and though he tried working some since, in all he has been off for over 12 months. It has been hard trying to live without his income, but today is his last day of physical therapy, and we are hoping he can soon go back to work.

I weighed yesterday and I was 190 lb. I would like to get to 145 lb. I weighed around 120 most of my young life, but I think 145 would be a more reasonable expectation now. I have been gradually cutting back on how much I eat, and I've lost 8 pounds over the past six months without trying very hard. I cut out sodas (as of yesterday). I think it has been at least 50 years since I didn't have at least one soda, and usually more than one. I feel like I have accomplished something just going one day without one.

I drank diet soda for 40 years but cut it out about two years ago. Now I have vowed to give them up entirely. No more empty calories.

I am looking around at what diet plan I has to be a life change.

I also want to start lifting weights and trying to figure out what exercises I can do with two bad knees.

I love gardening...including watergardening, rehab wildlife, interested in nature, pets, chickens, horses, working on the house, flea markets and
"junque". I have been married for 46 years and mom to a grown daughter, who lives and works in Houston. No grandchildren yet.

Looking forward to taking an active part and staying motivated and getting to know you all better.
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