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Good morning ladies. Jack left for work about half an hour ago and I have to get going this morning and do morning chores. I want to really accomplish some stuff with the sock today so will work on it most of the day I think. I am almost to the heel flap so it is coming along.

I have today, tomorrow and Friday and the darn pills are done. I believe they accomplished what they were supposed to, which was stop any and all bleeding or spotting, but boy the price I paid. I am just glad to see the other side of the hill now.

We are sure buzzing right through June, which is ok by me. It makes it closer to cruise time. I have everything on my "buy" list except to get Jack a couple pairs of pajama pants to wear in the cabin and everything on the "ship buy" list except his tux, which we can't order yet. So everything that way is moving right along.

Maggie: Are you guys planning some trips this summer? It will be interesting taking the pets with you I imagine. We are having steak for dinner tonight. I have a funny story about last night's meal. I fixed salmon from a can into patties. Well, I bought a couple cans of pink salmon quite ahile ago, several paydays back in fact, so went to get a can to make sure it wasn't expired before I used it. I looked at the top of the can and it said, "best used by 6-2016!" I guess canned salmon keeps awhile! Anyway, we enjoyed the salmon patties for dinner though it does always stink up the house.

Jean: I forgot I encouraged you to read his books after the Lincoln Lawyer. I love the books. Of course I have a bunch of authors I always read what they write. One of the few authors I will re-read his books is Dick Francis. Don't know why I enjoy British horse racing mysteries so much, but I got hooked on them way back in the late 80's when I was bedridden for awhile. Kelly went to the library and asked the librarian to suggest something and she brought back a couple of his books. Sounds like you are in a lovely area all the way around. Hope you have a nice time the rest of your week.

Well, I better get out of here and get my morning chores done. Have a great day! Faye
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