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This looks fun! Thanks for posting!


Color: To wear: black, to look at: blue or green or yellow... they're all so nice! lol
Food: Avacado, Salmon, PIZZA, Curry
Drink: Diet Coke
Weight loss program: Calorie Counting + Intermittent Fasting
Movie: In Her Shoes (cry, laugh, cry, laugh)
Animal: chimp (cute+smart)
Vacation place: Japan
City: NYC!!!
Band: Coldplay
Beauty product: Covergirl simply ageless sculpting blush (I use it on my cheeks, lips and sometimes eyes) and Aussie Hair Insurance detangler
Celebrity: Hmm.. not big on celebs.. maybe Ghandi or Mother Theresa..
Article of clothing you own: Short sleeve black denim jacket
Store: TJ Maxx or Target
Website: FB
Restaurant: MyThai
Video game: Mario Bros
Healthy activity: Hula hooping or sex :-)
Book (or series): Malcom Gladwell books, aka, nerdy psychology stuff
TV show: Biggest Loser

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