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Good morning to you all! It is 91% humidity here today. You get wet just walking out the door with no rain. It is one of the things I hate about this area of the country is the high humidity during the summer. You are always sticky and sweaty.

I have the laundry started, the dog fed, my meds taken and will get the dishwasher unloaded in a few minutes. My socks are on the agenda today. I want to make real headway on Jack's first sock. I still have Alicia's other one to knit, but I wanted to see if this yarn I have for Jack's socks will knit up like the yarn I had for Alicia's using the same size needles. So far so good. I had to buy a solid color skein to do the heels and toes though since the one hank was not enough to make a man's pair of socks. I had to try and guess a color to coordinate so I hope they look ok. Jack said not to worry about it as no one sees his heels or toes. I said "What about if you wear them with sandals?" he gave me a withering look and said, "I don't wear socks with sandals." Cracked me up as I have been teasing him about wearing his socks with sandals on the ship with his panama hat and his Hawaiian style shirt.

I am hoping to get my shaper today. I then will have three and I can hand wash them and hang them to dry over night. They do make some difference so it is well worth it for me to wear them all the time. You should see Jack's office. It is piled with the new luggage, clothes we have bought, the folder with the stuff to decorate the door, products I have bought to take with us, etc. I got dramamine last weekend and bought nail polish and remover too. The tan towels came in and I want to try them out and see how they do maybe next week before I go to the doctor.

Susan: I have a beading book for knitting. I have only done one beading job with knitting and that was at the end of a knitted scarf for my dil. I have to say Michaels has some lovely beads I think. I haven't looked at Joann's at all. Glad you are enjoying the class. Fortune has to be touching human flesh if you are sitting down. Drives Kelly nuts when she keeps him because he insists on laying right next to you. He does it when you sleep too, either between your legs or right next to you body and he can get hot!

Jean: Ooooh, I love Michael Connelly both the Harry Bosch series and the Mickey Haller series. Have you read them all? They are well worth reading all of them. He has a new Harry Bosch book coming out in November. I was hoping it would be out before vacation so I could download it to my Kindle, but no such luck.

Maggie: WTG on maintaining. I am so glad I am about done with these pills. My doctor said she was impressed I hadn't gained a lot of weight taking them because they are prescribed for cancer patients to up their appetite. Just what I need something to make me hungry, which they do and sometimes I am successful at fighting it, sometimes, not so much.

I need to get out of here. I want to make progress on that sock today and get my chores done. Have a great day all. Faye
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