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Hello all!

Since I feel like I have 2 days OP nearly under my belt, I thought it would be fun to take on a short challenge just to had some kick !

My goals are: Get the water in
Stay On Program
Activity every day, little bit more than the day b/4!!

So... here we go 7 days, here we go....

DH and I have family traveling thru our state ( its very small, unless you have a reason to stop here, most of the traffic is just thru ) and we are expecting to meet them for dinner. Just had a boca burger in case dinner doesnt happen for awhile or in case there isnt much to choose and I wind up w/ just salad. We're choosing one of those all you can eat buffets as we're not sure of everyone's tastes and its super casual.

So, like I said, I'm pretty confident I've got two good days!!

Here we go 7 days, here we go!
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Today is the day!
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