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Good morning to you ladies. We had a whopper of a thunderstorm this morning and probably a lot more rain today, but the power never went out, which is always good.

Fortune and I have both taken our meds. Last week for the hormones! Fortune will be done on Wednesday. It is good to see him eating again too.

Jack just left for work. I told him to be careful. People here drive worse in bad weather than in good. Hopefully he will have work that will keep him inside buildings that are cool today. I am going to go upstairs and get the bathroom cleaned this morning. It got so hot yesterday that it was impossible to get up there and clean.

Jean: I like to watch the boats go by too. Are you reading something interesting? I am rereading a Dick Francis book at night before I go to bed to make me sleepy and downloaded a library audio book, but don't know how good it will be. Hope you have great fun with everyone.

Nothing else going on here. We are just biding our time til vacation. We will have Marty for 2 weeks starting the end of the month. The poor little guy is pretty much blind and deaf now and it might be difficult for him to be in a strange place, but I will move things as much as possible so he has clear walkways and such.

Have a good start to your week everyone! Faye
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