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I agree -- work on your mindset. PCOS has no cure. You are a chronic patient. There will NEVER be an end. There is only management. If you clock in at the end of the day having done your best with your diet, workouts,emotional needs, etc -- you are WINNING.

Don't measure just your body bucket progress in "weight lost."

Think about ALL of you.

Progress with stress, sleep, everything. You are mind, body, heart, and soul.

Tend to all the buckets. Don't reduce your whole self or your whole life to a number a scale when the scale can't tell if you are up a pound because you just drank a bottle of ZERO CALORIE water and haven't yet taken a pee! That's not real weight gain!

Some studies suggests the root of the prob is in chromosome 19. There's some initial articles online but it's the tip of the iceberg still. That's just one article.

Have you cruised through the links?

PCOS patients present in at least 5 ways -- check it out.

Here's the inciid PCOS FAQ. It tells you more about labs and things.

Mary's PCOS faq suggests lower carb for diet.

Nutrition Summary from Dietitian's Guide

Hormone Balance suggestions

Natural Solutions book can largely be read at google books.

It's going to largely be up to you, but low GI, whole foods, and lower carb doesn't hurt. 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat is a common enough split.

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