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Just a few suggestions:

1. Try a whole wheat or lower glycemic index pasta
2. Don't overworry on the vegetables for the little one. Think more about covering the color spectrum in her fruit. My son often had a bowl of cantaloupe or berries as the fruit/veg portion of his dinner. If she is a "dipper" try different veggies with yogurt based dips. Also there are topics here and all over the net about "hiding" veggies in things like spaghetti sauce. Also quick pickling things like cukes and carrots can make them very appealing.
3. You are right on the processed foods - hidden ingredients, not all that cheap and often it is only the salt and sugar that is masking something that really does not taste all that great.
4. What about beans? Will a bean burrito fly? How about the sweeter baked beans?
5. Change up your methods. Do you use a BBQ grill? Esp in the warmer weather you can grill some chicken, some veggies and even some fruit for a complete meal.
6. Bread, pizza and the other carb bombs. Explore the 5 minute methods (all over net) for making your own whole grain doughs. A general rule that you only eat things you made yourself can work. Or explore the lower carb and higher fiber options of wraps and tortillas.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. So much you can do. Take it slowly and have fun exploring new options
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