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Afternoon girls! It has been booming all day here, but no rain so far. The sun is about halfway out at the moment and it is mighty sticky.

Jack is upstairs in his office playing games on his laptop and I finally finished my dil's first sock and it fits perfectly, well it fits both Jack and I and since his shoe size and her shoe size would be the same and she and I have the same shoe size we are good to go on it. The calf is a smidge loose on Jack, which is good because he has skinny legs and too snug for me to pull up so should fit her just fine. Using a size 1 needle takes a lot more time though and I have 2 1/2 prs of socks to get done before I can go back to my stuff.

I finally got Fortune to eat. He gobbled up the lamb stew by Beneful last night so I guess lamb stew it will be for awhile until I can get him to eat the other stuff. I put his antibiotic in some cheese I warm in my hand and make a ball out of. He has to take that until Wednesday then he is all done with meds again. As for me, this will be my last week on those blasted hormones. I will be so glad to be done with that and readjust my body.

We will be watching the Cubs game in a couple hours, but I want to get some work done before then. It just gets so hot so fast nowadays. The upstairs can be like an oven if I don't turn on the portable ac unit and when no one is up there I can't see wasting the utilities. So, I go up to clean and it is hotter than blue blazes. It cools off just about the time I am done.

Susan: Hope you have a nice time at the wedding reception and the beading class.

Maggie: Sounds you had a grand time yard saling. I am not a yard saler and never have been much. I rarely found anything I wanted. I am not a collector much and back then wasn't knitting. Nowadays, living here it is too hot and sticky to do that.

Jean: Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family today.

Guess, I should get out of here and get some work done. Have a lovely afternoon all. Faye
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