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Talking Yo! Ok! Ok! Up, up and away! Hey!

Ok, dokey, ie!!! I will take you up on your challenge and declare a SEVEN-DAYS-TO-LABOR-DAY-WEIGH CHALLENGE! ~ Elbertine Pep, Imperial Personal Trainer to Empress Amarantha (who hasn't visited this board for awhile and is getting might miffed about that, too)!

There is one more week to the Labor Day weigh-in in the Empire o' Fit Folk and much as the Empress A. would like to take time off to lose another pound and reach her Labor Day goal, her empirical duties are stressing her out and making her overeat and underexercise. As PT to the Empress, I, EP, feel I should set a good example, so I'm challenging myself to the following for SEVEN DAYS:

1) ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE FOR EACH OF THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS! This can be broken up in any combination of times or continuous and be of any intensity and any exercise counts!

2) 1700 CALORIES PER DAY WITH AN OPP (OVERDRAFT PROTECTION PLAN) FACTOR OF 300 EXTRA CALORIES THAT CAN BE EATEN DURING THE WEEK! The OPP calories can be spread over the week in any combination or eaten all at once! (Of course, I HAVE NOT been influenced by the new WW Flexipoints program in any way! How can you suggest that!) If at any time during the week, I go over the 1700 per day + the 300 extra, I forfeit this week's challenge! (No starting over until it's Sunday again and time for a NEW 7-DAY CHALLENGE, THAT MEANS YOU, AMARANTHA!!!)

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