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Red face Seven-Days-At-A-Time Challenge, Week 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, dokey! Empress Amarantha, the pushy one, is BACK! She be taking the liberty o' creating a new, mini version o' the 21-day challenge by virtue of the fact she can't concentrate on anything for 21 days straight anymore!!! So on this thread Amarantha and anyone else who bites, can declare a seven-day WEIGHT MANAGEMENT RELATED challenge (or a lesser amount of days, why not?) with the rules to be decided solely by their own selves and then report in on a regular basis during those days.

So Amarantha (and/or anyone else) can make up ever more wild and daring challenges each week or stay with the tried and true, 'cause it's up to YU!!!!

This thread should probably be kept brief, on topic and a new one posted each week, just to keep poor befuddled Amarantha (and anyone else who's befuddled) focused!!! Hocus, pocus, focus, focus!

Ok? Ok! Over and out!

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