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Talking Steel Magnolias #16


It is a bright sun shiny day here in the ♥-Land and I am showered and ready for the day to begin. I think we are going yard sailing after while for we are in search of old kitchen knives that have more of a carbon content in them for they hold an edge better than the stainless ones on the market now days. I have a few of the old ones Chicago Knives that are great. Don’t get me wrong the new knives are nice but I want old ones. Will found one in an old fellows machine shop once and asked the gentleman how much he wanted for it. He said, “That old thing ~ you can have it.” It is one of my favorite ones.

Will is doing a wedding this next Thursday and his new suit is being altered as I type. He is getting a gorgeous dark gray pin stripped one. Boy are they spendy. We forgot how much they cost for it has been awhile since we bought one but he needs some new ones now. He is up for some new dressy wing tips also for which he sends in his foot measurements in to the company and they make them to fit. He has very wide feet and extra high arches so it makes it hard to find ready-made shoes for him. He shouldn’t ever have to buy another pair of wing tips the rest of his life. I am waiting for my brand of SAS shoes to go on sale before I get another pair of the ones I wear for daily use for I have found the shoe that fits my feet the best and buy a new pair every few years for they last me a long time. I have a few cute shoes that work for me but are not as comfortable for daily use but are great for church or “occasions.”

You are going to laugh and shake your head at this ~ but you do know how I like my coffee HOT and my sodas cold. I have ordered “The Best Commuter Cup” that they have found. “They” being Hammacher Schlemmer. I am using the one they advertized that way a few months back but am always looking at the newer better models that come along that they have tested. In testing this cup: hot water decreased in temperature by only 18 F after two hours while lesser models lost up to 71F. Its superior temperature retention is due to its dual walls of stainless steel and vacuum insulation that also prevents heat – or cold – transfer to the exterior. It washes easily because of its removable lid and nonporous interior. It kept ice cubes frozen for 36 hours, while other commuter cups allowed ice to melt in six hours. It will be great to drink my Crystal Light mixes in and have them stay cold plus my coffee hot to the last drop. It has a locking spill proof lid, which is great feature. It comes in blue or champagne and I am getting the blue model mainly because it has a black lid where the other has a white one. It will be here in 3 to 6 days.

We just got back from yard sailing and did we ever find some nice things. We got four old folding pen knives that have beautiful handles and carbon steel blades. One is mine for sure for it is ornate decorated silver and @ 2 inches in length with two small blades. It has a bale on one end so I can wear it on a silver chain. Another has a mother of pearl handle which is beautiful also but bigger. We got all 4 antique knives for 6 bucks. No telling how much just the one I will wear as a necklace would cost. At another Will got a well named re-curve bow and a dozen arrows for $25 that we know sold new for over $300. It came with a stand and many tools for the bow. Got a crystal pitcher for a buck and 3 little rubber duckies for a nickel. A couple packing quilts for a quarter that will come in handy when we move. Got a wooden chopping block with legs for 2 bucks that Will is sanding and re-oiling as I type. I forget the name that is burned in with a branding iron on the bottom but it is a top notch piece of maple. It is a small one about a foot square but the right size for me. The lady that we got the knives from has a lot of antiques that she said Will and the museum director can come back and check out for sure. She said she also has some more knives we might be interested in and will have them unpacked when he goes back there. Evidently they just moved here and she has just too much “stuff” to fit into that huge two story house they bought. She didn’t have any knives out on display but it always pays to ask and this time it really paid off. At another place we got a few brand new pieces of Tupperware for kids that will be great shower gifts. I bought a huge well made heart shaped basket that they will look nice in for 2 bucks. We really made out today and didn’t break the bank doing so.

SUSAN I am certainly glad that tornado at least had the deciency to touch down 2 miles away from you. Your cat is a hoot. When Cecil is being scolded he also turns his head like a little kid because he doesn't want to hear it. I gently get his head between my hands and look into his eyes and speak what it is I want him to know.

JEAN Your vacation sounds like fun in the sun to me. Please do try to enjoy your time there between the meals you have to cook.

DONNA FAYE What fun you had with Thomas. Moments to cherish in your memory book. So glad for you that your sandals fit. Perhaps with the air condition in the ship going 24 hours your swelling will stay abated.

Every one have a lovely time on what is left of the Weekend.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later.



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