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i am feeling better today....had a good night's sleep...spent the day setting up the summer program, which means i spent the whole day doing spreadsheets on my work laptop...i hate sitting down all day

knowing that i had to work this morning, i got up at 6 a.m. and went to the gym...had a good workout but a bit shorter (45 min instead of 60) because i didnt want to be running late...i actually liked working out early although i could tell i was a little more tired AND i had forgotten to eat before i went so i was working out on an empty stomach

lots of drama at work...our supervisor of 3-4 years announced his resignation effective end of june...this should be interesting...lots of backstory there that i wont go into

got off work earlier than usual....had car troubles but fixed radiator keeps leaking out the antifreeze ...let the kids pick what's for dinner

interesting that since i stopped alot of my carbs (really grains mostly, i still have been eating fruit), my appetite has decreased ALOT and so have almost all cravings for sugars....interesting...
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