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Hey there everyone
I am looking forward to a (hopefully) relaxing weekend.
Same stuff different week here for me, not much to report. I have been doing the metabolism reset for over 3 weeks now. I feel a-ma-zing.
Still rocking the weight lifting, I am in week 5 of my program. I am starting to notice some nice results a I like it
I know I am pushing myself with the weights because I am sore after almost every single workout. Poor DH is getting tired of giving me massages in a different place every other day
Sum, you are doing awesome! Hope your foot resolves itself quickly.
Krystal, glad you made it back to the weight room, that will make you feel better for sure. Just gotta get your groove back, you can do it.
Star, glad you had a good time with your parents! Congrats on your weight loss!
Alaskan, sounds like you need to take a mental and physical health break. Hope things calm down for you soon.
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