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Unhappy Mean mom

So I met with my mother over lunch. It's important to point out here that my mom is not a very nice person, neither of my parents are, really. They're controlling and antisocial...I'd even go so far as to say toxic people. They despise my fiance because he comes from a poor family and think I can do better. They've refused to come to our wedding reception and are only coming to the ceremony because my grandpa shamed them into it.

Anyway, I keep in touch with my mom because she's a stay-at-home wife and gets lonely and I feel bad for her. We were talking about my upcoming wedding today and the subject of a dress came up. I told her that I'd like to go alone to pick my dress because I want to pick something for myself. (What I -didn't- say is that she always controlled all my decisions and bullied me via picking on my fragile self-image if I crossed her. Considering how much she approves of my upcoming marriage, it would have been a disaster if she had come). She said she doesn't care and wouldn't have come anyway in a huffy tone.

I felt relieved that it went so well, I had been fearing a dramatic outburst. She got a final jab in just as I was leaving. She said:

"By the way, remember that you're fat. Don't pick something too tight."

Self esteem shattered.
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