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Yeah my dad pretty much has a home gym, that is usually plan b.. he had a normal routine surgery that went wrong and has been recovering for a lot longer than expected. I want to get a elliptical or maybe a stationary bike for our apartment but they are so freaking expensive! I do have a dvd I brought, but it is so hard! Sure, I guess I could have done it while he was on vacation but really none of those days we were home.. I am actually now pretty happy I put it on the back burner for a few days. I am totally excited to go today. I have a huge problem when it comes to exercising at home, since I live upstairs and my neighbors already complain about the tv.. I could only imagine if I was jumping around in here! lol.
Not to mention my husbands entire family has passed away way sooner than they should have from heart disease.. the man has to exercise even if he likes it or not... he usually likes it though.
I have been thinking about also walking around our apartment complex.. our swimming pool is also open now.. those are things I do not think would be that bad to do during the day while he is at work.

Did I mention I have a one year old and a four year old? That is also kinda hard to mix in since they usually are running different directions and there are two of them and one of me! And put only one of them in a stroller and the other screams their head off because apparently it is unfair to allow one to walk while the other has the ride in the stroller.

My husband has great hours so it is great that there is plenty of time to exercise once he comes home from work. We also make it a family thing.

But you are totally right, I need a plan c! (my dads is plan b, but that back fired this weekend) I need to start saving for a machine that is mostly noiseless to use here at home.. I have been looking at craigslist but nothing so far...
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