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I don't. I know the scale will be up, and it will probably be up a lot (I can retain water like nobody's business! lol) so I don't get on the scale for at least a couple of days. For me, it's not worth the's a mental thing for me. Even though I know the scale will be up, and that it's my own doing, it still discourages me a lot to see the actual number. I'll give it a couple of days for the water weight to come off, then get on the scale. More often than not the number is probably still up, but not a whole lot.
That's if I've cheated a day or two...if it had been weeks or something, then I'd be getting on the scale right away to get me back on track!

ETA: I always weigh myself on my scheduled weigh in days (Saturdays), regardless of cheating. For example, if I cheated on a Friday, I still weigh in on Saturdays.

for every 5lbs lost

5% (245)
10% (232)
Halfway to goal (207)
No longer obese (191)

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