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OK, sorry for the first post. I did some more looking around and found the information that I was needing. I also found that I am not in the purple plan, but in plan 2 with a purple coded daily log. I did LAWL back in 2007 and had great success!!! I then went back to school and fell right back into the way I use to eat. I lost 16lbs when I was on LAWL. Now I have gained that back plus another 25lbs. I am determined to lose 40lbs, so I can have a healthy BMI and feel good about myself again.
As I mentioned I am on Plan 2, I ordered the Take Off and can't wait to get it!!! I do remember not being able to have red meat, but can not remember for how long? If anyone knows, please let me know. I do not eat much red meat to begin with but like to have it once in awhile.
Thank you!!! I can't wait to get started, and am so glad I found this wedsite!!!
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