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Originally Posted by newmom7611 View Post
Hi there!! first and foremost, i would like to begin saying congrats on your weight loss so far secondly, and you may not like this question, but do you absolutely feel the need to phase off for sure ? I thought to myself when i did, "this is my wedding week. i want wine, pina coladas, pizza, and i wanna go out and do what i want this ONE time....yada yada yada" let me tell you-- i kinda wish i would have stayed in phase one the whole way. i would be in maintenance by now, and getting back into the groove of things was WAY harder to restart. i mean, i'm still having some pretty gnarly cravings and i've been back on for a month. i don't know why it's so much harder after a phase off??

anyway, if you have absolutely made up your mind about phasing off.. you'd be correct in your assumptions. you would do phase 2 for a week, followed by a week of phase 3 (my favorite phase!!). i timed it so that i'd be in phase 4 for a few days before i left, so i could get acclimated and used to that phase before hopping on a plane and gorging on vacation. i wanted my body to feel the new diet, so i knew what to expect on vacay. i kinda binged my first "cheat day" and realized i CAN NOT eat like i used to. my body was yelling at me. "You have been so good to me and i felt great.... then you filled me with tons of bread, pasta, chicken parm, and dessert... blehhhh" - my body. Seriously i was shocked. i can't eat the portions i used to. and if i tried , well its bad. i felt ick the rest of the night. also, i had chipotle and pizza at some point during my vacation... ready for it... it wasn't even that good!! i have been fantasizing about the day that i could have it again and having MAJOR cravings, and also hating my husband for being able to eat it...but i'm so glad that it didn't have a positive impact on me. my tastes have completely changed and i love that about this diet too!

so just think about it. you've been on the diet for a while.. and you're in a groove. think about staying on and just finishing up. you'll have plenty of vacations and times away where you can sip on a drink and eat how you please...but from my recent experience , i'd truly say stick with phase one. your choice obviously.. but it's so hard to get yourself back on. plus, if you're set back a few pounds... you have to get back into ketosis, lose the vacation weight, then finally be on the other side. so it takes a good 2 weeks or so to get back into the "negative" for your losses. GOOD LUCK! have a wonderful time on the cruise if we don't speak before then!
Thank you for your response! No, I haven't completely made the decision to phase off. But, I will say that this is a once in a lifetime vacation- something that we do not ever do, or probably will not have the chance to do again. It is not my plan to gorge myself, or completely go crazy. I plan to eat as healthy as possible. But, not sure with a cruise what options I have, or, if I know that I will be drinking, or eating some bread, etc. what it will do to my body if I do not phase down and just do it after being on phase 1. Ugh...not easy. I really thank you for sharing your own personal experience....I appreciate it!
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