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shawna -- It's very nice to meet you too!! Thanks for all the congrats, it's been a crazy and wonderful year!

Tammy- You've got this, girl. There's ALWAYS going to be a reason for wanting to phase off... just like someone just said-- if it's not the summer cookouts and what not, it'll be the holiday season. WE will always make reasons for ourselves to go off and carb load. trust me, i'm dying to phase. i actually just extended my goal 5 more pounds for a "cushion" just in case. so my new goal is 120. The food will ALWAYS be there and you will have them again. Just finish this off. you can do it! believe in yourself and get that ticker down. you'll feel so amazing when it reaches the end and it's something YOU did all by yourself in an amazing amount of time. this isn't something you want to drag out, and like i said before "restarting is NOT easy." With some self control, discipline, support, and will power YOU will control food instead of it controlling you. (When you're at a cookout- get some walden farms bbq sauce, slather some chicken breasts with it, and grill some asparagus and zucchini. it's so good and you'll be right in the crowd. )

LET'S get healthy and STAY healthy people! This diet is awesomeee

one for every 5 pounds lost!

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