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Originally Posted by NewPath View Post
I see a trend. I have Sunday weigh-ins. I start questioning everything about what I have done on IP and have extreme doubts about my success. (Like me only having trace amounts of Ketones for the past 2 days.) I know that I should just relax and trust the program and myself....but, I am being honest. For the most part, it is ruining my entire weekends....even effecting my moods and effectiveness with chores, etc.
One thing that will help is going during the week, in the mornings, once I am done teaching. I think that part of my problem is that during the week I am so incredibly busy....I do not really even notice or care that I am on IP. I have gotten so used to it, that it is automatic and easy. When my week ends, I start to relax, forget about what I have done, and worry.
Seriously, each week, when I see the scales move down, I get choked if the weight loss is some miracle!!!!
The more the diet has become effortless...the more I worry......
Rant, rant, rant.......
I think that is a good idea, less stress should be helpful.

Originally Posted by Kaypix View Post
I'm awake, had a horrid nightmare and woke up crying. I dreamt that everyone told me DH had died, but I had no proof of it, no body or anything, just had to take everyone's word for it and I was refusing to believe it. Woke up with DH breathing deep and even next to me and pretty much started sobbing I was so glad it was just a dream. I'm still emotional 3 hours later , I blame it on Wellbutrin and the Hormonal factor, but it still sucked big time.!
I too still get horrible nightmares, I won't go into the details but I know what it is like to wake up with your heart racing and tears streaming down your face! I always wake up DF and he holds me until it subsides, asks me what it was about. Talking about it seems to help calm me down. I'm sorry you had to go through that it is no fun.

Originally Posted by Kaypix View Post
I might need some help getting some of those other brands, not familiar with Jet Fuel etc. , as I get further I'll post the links to my blog, which will have the packet as far as it's been gotten. My first endeavor is getting this recipe book done though and then posting recipes back up on the forum. I might switch gears to the handouts though if I start feeling a burnout come.
I want to help you with this. Can I help you to PDF or do you have one master PDF that you're entering them into? You could always insert them in to the master PDF. Let me know

Originally Posted by harleygirl59 View Post
i feel so much better iv lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks and 17 inches sleep better more energy and not getting up at night to snack and most of all hardly any migraines im so happy for idea protein love the food have a awesome week everyone
You are doing awesome! hope you have a great memorial day weekend.

Originally Posted by Kaypix View Post
OK so here is the book "skeleton" so far, just filling it in as I go through the recipe archive. Can I say that OMG we have a lot of recipes??? But this will be amazing once it is done.

Next goal after that will involve more help from ya'll, compiling UP TO DATE info in a packet / pdf of all phases, all nutritional info in a spreadsheet (think nutritional fliers at like, subway that list EVERYTHING for EVERY item on the menu, but for IP packets). Then will start spreading into the drinks, the alternative products, and ugh, there goes my brain again...if anyone sees it bouncing down the street, please throw bread crumbs in the general direction of South Dakota and send it home. Thanks
This looks great! I love it

The first 22lbs were on my own, no IP, just will power.
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