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You can see what happened here, right?

His friend pointed out that he did a lousy job of parking, and his ego is so very fragile -- because all men are supposed to be EXCELLENT drivers, right? --- that he immediately felt threatened. So, to feel like a big, competent man again, he had to assert dominance over someone else -- or something else. And you just happened to come along. He just displaced all his s&^%$# onto you.

In that frame of mind, it's definitely not about you. I swear to you that he would have found something about you, no matter how you looked, even if you had been a supermodel. (Then he would have called you a "stuck up" whatever or implied you were a slut.)

He's got Major Issues. Some guys would just say something self-deprecating, or give it back to the friend, who's the one who prompted the outburst, which was displaced onto you. In fact, some guys would get back in the car & move it. (I am sure we all know men who are that conscientious, and they are not the kind of men who'd insult an unknown woman randomly -- they'd be criticizing their own parking skills.)

Don't let this stranger suddenly put his Major Issues on you when you did nothing wrong and were just happening by.

I am so angry that he made you feel badly and darkened part of your day. You did not deserve that.

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