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Default Getting over the "hump"

I don't know how many of you are familiar with this, but eerytime I fall off the wagon for a few days and then I try to get back into the groove of things is the absolute hardest for me. Sigh I'm going through that tonight and I just felt like posting it here since I don't talk about my "dieting" problems to anyone in my life.

Well that dreaded hump...for me it's like this. After a few days of thinking "hey eating this won't hurt, I've lost (blank) amount of pounds so wth!" I know I have to stop and get back into healthy eating. I don't go all out and binge on everything I want but I do eat high calorie or unecessary things, and everytime it lasts maybe 3-4 days before I start feeling "bad." do jumping right back in is the hardest, I can't just slowly creep into it because that doesn't work the last two days were full of glorious food and right now the fiber one 90 cal brownie doesn't sound too appetizing. I know if I don't slip up tonight or tomorrow I'll be fine and back on track but GRRRR I could really go for a nice big fat slice of chocolate cake lol I was finally going to be under 145lb and I don't think I want to get near the scale for a couple days, I'm glad that tonight's dinner they left for us looks disgusting so I won't be tempted by that, if it was some pasta or something then is be in trouble lol
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