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Getting smaller everyday
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S/C/G: HW: 393/IP: 347/CW: 204.4/199

Height: 5'6


It's hard to do because I experienced something like this a month or so ago...but he's literally NOBODY. You'll probably never see him again, and like you said he is a dick. From what I can tell you're doing great so don't let anyone get you down!
May Day Challenge:


CW: 204.4
Started IP with alternatives on 09/16/2013:
W1: -17/W2: -5.6/W3: -1.8 (TOM)/Week 4: -4.6/W5: -2.6/W6: -5.2/W7: -2.2 (TOM)/W8: -5/ W9: -3.6/W10: -3/W11: -4.4/W12 -2/W13 -7/W14 -.8 (TOM)/W15 -2.4/W16 -2.6/W17 -6.2/W18 -.4(TOM)/W19 -2.6/W20 -5.4/W21 -5.4/W22 +.4(TOM)/W23 -3.6/W24 -5/W25 -2.2/W26: -2(TOM)/W27 -3.2/W28 -2.6/W29 -4.2/W30 -2.8/W31 -6/W32 -1.2(TOM)/W33 -5/W34 -3.6/W35 -.6(TOM)/W36 -1.8/W37 -.6/W37 -1/W38 -.8 (TOM)/W39 -5/W40 -0/W41 -2.8/W42 +.7
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