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Default I was called fat tonight, for the first time in years

I was having such a good day today. Getting into old clothes that have not fit me in a quite a while, feeling great about the weight that i have lost. So I go to HEB (our grocery store here) and I go in and get the stuff I need to get. I come back out to my car and someone has parked like 6 inches from my car *there were a TON of parking spaces so this guy was just being a dick. As I'm standing there his friend is getting out of the drivers side trying not to door ding me and he scoots out. This guy is not fat, infact he is skinny and he has a hard time getting out. So he finally gets out and looks at his friend that was driving and says "dude, you parked too close." so his jerk of a friend looks at me and says "good luck fat ***".
I have not been called fat in probably 5 years because I figured as you grow up you stop saying such hateful things to people but this was a grown man.

It hurt like I never imagined being called that could hurt me. I came home in tears. My husband was pissed and tried to assure me that he thinks i'm beautiful but tonight really hurt me. I shouldn't let some drunk guy that came to the coast for memorial day bring me down but its hard.

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