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I don't use recipes, but just about live on chicken breast. I usually roast a big package, put them in a gallon zip lock in the bottom of the frig and pull one out at a time. This keeps me from impulse dinners and is easy.
I do many things with the chicken...
Steam up some fresh or frozen veggies, throw some sliced chicken just for a minute at the end, kind of like a stirfry
Of course, the endless salads, I buy all kinds of lettuces and salad makings and change it up.
If you are eating cheese and tortillas, melt some cheese on the tortillas (I used toaster oven), put on some sliced chicken, salsa, fresh cilantro, Really yummy.
If you are eating any rice, cook some rice (I use a rice cooker and cook enough for several meals), take cooked rice, diced up cooked chicken, vegetables of your choice, with a little olive oil and soy sauce, other seasonings (garlic powder etc) for fried rice.
A different kind of chicken salad is the cooked chicken, fresh or canned bean sprouts, green onions, diced celery, pineapple chunks in juice (pour the juice into the salad) soy and other seasonings. This is really good if you let it refrigerate for a day before eating.
Stirfry some fresh long green beans, throw in come cut up chicken, season with soy, garlic, onion etc
In cold weather, soup is nice. Canned black beans (drained) a couple cans of stewed tomatoes, a little salsa, the chicken, chopped onions on top when you serve it. I season this with typical Mexican seasonings. It's really filling with the black beans.
Cubed up cooked chicken is even good in scrambled eggs.(IMO) All protein.
Shredded lettuce, chopped up chicken, a little dressing of your choice (very little, I rely on garlic and onion powder to add a lot of flavor and keep the dressing minimal), Put in a lightly toasted pita bread.
I even sometimes slice up some chicken and wrap it in leaf lettuce for something really light. Add salsa or a little dressing, seasonings

It's hard to know what to share with you since I don't know what plan you are on. I am not really on a plan, just living on low fat protein and lots of vegetables with a little carb now and then. It makes me feel great, losing weight slowly, the prep and cooking is manageable and it has become a habit.

If I am craving and feeling deprived I have even taken sliced cooked chicken breast, put a little canned spaghetti sauce on it, parmesan and mozarella, some mushrooms, heat it up in the toaster oven until the cheese is browned and feel like I have had something that satisfies the pizza/pasta craving, but haven't messed up too bad, as long as I don't have cheese all the time.
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