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Originally Posted by usmcvet View Post
So a few NSVs went to a reversal dinner tonight. Ate OP didn't drink. Can't sleep in hotel bed because it's too firm and I'm wide awake after an argument. So I got up and wanted to go to the fridge. Instead I'm on the couch with my blender bottle full of ice water writing g this note. I'm frustrated because I'm tired but wide freaking awake! No more desire for the fridge. It is nice to exercise some will power!
Good for you staying away from the fridge Vet! I know you are in this for the long haul, besides if you slip up I am gonna have to drive on up to vemont and kick your butt. LOL .. (feeling kinda onery today)

Originally Posted by Longhorn Energy View Post
Sorry to hear your frustration bud...but VERY glad to hear you have resisted the temptations (and/or habit) that many of us have turned to for many years...the fridge.

Keep your chin up, tomorrows another day, and Im betting when you look back at this you will be proud of your choice, and the argument wont seem like such a big deal as it does now. Ive got a hot temper that keeps me in trouble a LOT, and my wife (shes such a dork) finds humor in my anger, which of course makes me even madder while she snickers away and often makes fun of my 'rages'. My 3 daughters are now old enough to all jump in on it...Im living in the estrogen ocean here....

Hang tough, and talk to you tomorrow!
"Im living in the estrogen ocean here" hahahahahaha that cracked me up. Good luck with that!

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